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Piippu Terrace cafe


PIIPPU Terassikahvila is a wonderful, save and unique serving cafe restaurant in the former sawmill's power plant building and maintenance hall.


A great natural milieu, between two lakes and two rapids in a village that is divided into two provinces; To Pirkanmaa and Kanta-Häme.


Programs and events are organized in Piipup all summer. And there is a lot for children to do in the area.


There are things to see and experience in the area of ​​the old sawmill for all ages, and the intoxicating roar of the rapids charms with its authenticity. Next door is the old Myllymuseo from the 19th century and Myllypirtti from the 17th century.


Piippu is a versatile place to visit:


  • For nature photographers; The location is on an island, we have rapids landscape, two bodies of water, diverse bird life and animals and nature nearby.
  • For families with children; we have a play area for small children, huge rays next to the pier that are great to feed, a place to warm up and lots of fun things to do; e.g. traditional board and yard games.
  • For hikers; a short distance away is the hiking destination "Kukkosaari" where you can roast campfire coffee and sausages by the water. On your own or for groups, it is possible to organize guidance for min. 5 people, price 40€/person, incl. soot pot coffee by the campfire, sausage roasting. Duration 2 hours.
  • For groups; From us you can order a guide for, for example, a small hiking trip to the scenic Kukkosaari laavu. Various private events and events as well as TYHY and TYKY packages are also possible. We have performers, trainers and instructors as well as tents, table/bench sets and furniture, if necessary, for example a large performance stage for organizing larger events.
  • For history buffs; Vihavuosi area with historical values. The former power plant and heating house building of the sawmill once located in the area, with its chimney, is protected by the Finnish Museum Agency, and PIIPPU Terrace Café is now located there. You can still see traces of the existence of the sawmill in the area of ​​the island and the waterways, as well as the changing photo exhibitions on the walls of the cafe about the life of the village and the sawmill in the past. The old Vihavuosi mill museum maintained by Hauho-Seura ry is a museum of artifacts from Vihavuosi in Hauho, Hämeenlinna, Kanta-Häme. The first written mentions of the mill located in Hauho Vihavuosi, belonging to the Sotjala district, date from 1433. In the idyllic old surroundings of the mill museum, there is also a mill house from the 17th century.
  • For boaters and people moving on water; large berth (side attachment - no reservations). The café terrace with alcohol serving rights is located right next to the pier. Overnight 10€/day, electricity 10€/day. The boat landing places are both Vihajärvi / Kukkia and Sappeejärvi / Roinee. The transfer of lighter boats or, for example, canoes from one lake to another can be done with a hand-pulled trailer built for that purpose, or by separate order, the transfer of smaller (approx. 5-6m) boats can be carried out with a larger trailer, price 15€.
  • For cyclists; wonderful countryside scenery along winding roads. Pipi has the option to charge a bike for €5.
  • For those in need of activities; you can rent kayaks or SUP boards from us, you can freely use several different yard games, beach volleyball, a small swimming beach.
  • The aim is to increase services as needed.For those who want a good program, music and drink; in summer, there are many events and performers at PIIPPU Terassistage. Humor, music, theme programs. Admission to the events is mainly free, with a few exceptions. There are also events on Sunday or Saturday evenings. You should check the detailed program information!
  • For event organizers; we also have the possibility for external event organizers to organize various light events. If you have a great, feasible idea that fits the operating culture of the area and you want to bring it to the Piipu area, call +35850-548 3210/ Tuija Mannila. We'll see if we can fit it into the calendar.
  • For motorists; Vihavuosi is at the end of wonderful winding asphalt roads. On the route, you can see the countryside at its best. Vihavuosi is almost the same distance from Hämeenlinna, Lahti and Tampere. Driving time approx. one hour. The last approx. 3 km section is a good dirt road. There are good opportunities for parking.

  • The motorist cafe in June - August is on Wednesdays from 17:00 to 20:00
  • For dog families; we welcome dogs! Dog café June-August on Tuesdays from 13:00 to 16:00.
  • For day visitors and coffee drinkers; rolls, buns and pretzels; e.g. you can find pulled pork hamburgers and hot dogs on our menus. Soup lunch on weekdays from 11 am to 1 pm. In addition, the relaxed atmosphere makes it possible to exchange news, for example, about the day's events among other guests. One of Piippu's main operating ideas is to bring people together and to find friends and someone to talk to here.
  • For a night out; big TV, you can make wishes for the music list. Karaoke is possible with a separate order if the space is free from another program. Serving is possible, we have both mild and strong drinks.

  • For art lovers; wonderful, changing art exhibitions in the premises of the former heating plant from the beginning of June.
  • For those traveling with motorhomes or caravans: Unfortunately, there is no camping area, but we have good parkig areas here. We keep area clean and when the PIIPPU Terrace Café is open, its services are available. tel. +35850-548 3210.


You can find program information for PIIPPU Terrace Café here!


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